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Epredia™ HistoStar™ Embedding Workstation


Epredia™ HistoStar™ Embedding Workstation

Histostar 组织包埋机

Embed routine tissue samples into paraffin blocks for microtome sectioning comfortably and efficiently with the Epredia™ HistoStar™ embedding workstation.


组织包埋机旨在提升操作员的舒适度和工作效率,可从组织处理无缝 过渡到组织切片。


High Capacity for High Efficiency

• 5 liter paraffin capacity, coldplate area for 72 base molds, large heated workspace and specimen holding area enable users to manage heavy workflow in even the busiest laboratories.

• Robust design minimizes moving parts, reducing wear and service requirements and ensuring dependable performance for years.

Brightly Illuminated and Clutter Free 

Dependable Performance

• A simple adjustment moves paddle to the most ergonomic position for each user.

Optional nozzle lengths make it easy to embed even oversized cassettes, adapting perfectly to your workflow.

•Large, easy-to-read touchscreen display allows quick access to temperature controls and other parameters.

The cold platform unit adapts to the placement of optimum workflow .

•Integrated ParaTrimmer™  saves space, use easier and eliminate the need for additional equipment or wax scraping at the microtome.

Cool and Contoured

Smooth, curved surface enhances operator comfort.

•Constructed to eliminate pressure points and uncomfortable heat conditions.

• User-adjustable LED lighting uniformly illuminates the workspace without the clutter of awkward remote lamps, reducing fatigue and minimizing errors.



Epredia™ HistoStar 包埋工作站旨在帮助您最大限度地提高实验 室通量

• 5 升蜡缸容量、72 个蜡块超大冷台、300 个包埋盒存储区 ── HistoStar 能满足最繁忙实验室的要求 。

• HistoStar 包埋工作站的设计最大限度地减少部件移动,减少磨损,降低维护需求,确保持久。


可靠的性能 灵活适应您的工作流程

• 出蜡控制板可调节,方便使用者调节至最佳的人体工学位置。

• 喷嘴长度可选,即使超大的包埋盒都可轻松进行包埋,完美适应您的工作流程 。

• 宽大、易读取的触摸屏能够快速地进行温度和其它参数的设置。可编程的“休眠”模式能适应工作流程实现节能 。

• 冷台模块可适应最佳的工作流程放置 。

• 集成于主机的 ParaTrimmer™ 修蜡仪节省空间,操作便利, 切片前无需再修蜡。



• HistoStar 表面为光滑的弧形设计,提升操作者的舒适度。

• 所有的用户接触点都是隔热的,全天候提供舒适隔热的工作区域。

• LED 光源均匀照明工作区域,无需杂乱笨拙的远光源,缓解疲 劳并最大限度减少错误。5 级照明亮度轻松可调,照明区域包括样本包埋区及附件区。

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