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Revos Rotational Tissue Processor


Revos Rotational Tissue Processor


 Rapid processing

Our unique, canted chamber enhances the distribution of reagent, reduces tissue processing time and allows for high-quality processing results.


 Intelligent monitoring

The instrument’s intelligent reagent management system tracks and logs reagent usage. It remembers every bottle loaded, protocol executed and service performed – allowing laboratories to use reagents more efficiently.

Safe environment The Revos instrument’s dual-filtration system and down-draft ventilation helps protect laboratory staff by controlling both solvent and formalin fumes.


 Protecting tissue

Be ready for unexpected power outages – the onboard battery backup system keeps your samples safe and protocols active for up to three hours.

Syntri enabled Syntri Safeguard technology enables the instrument to sense where the 100% processing alcohol is loaded in the system and prevents incorrect replenishment.


 VNC Remote Revos

Revos Tissue Processor allows the laboratories’ user interface to be viewed and interacted with remotely via a virtual connection. This remote access to the instrument allows our certified, trained field service technicians to quickly identify the problem and promptly get you back to uptime with VNC (Virtual Network Computing) Remote.



• 独特的倾斜式反应缸设计可使试剂渗透更充分,减少组织处理时间,并可实现高质量的处理结果。


• 该仪器的智能试剂监控系统可追踪和记录试剂使用情况 ;

• 系统会记住装载的每个试剂桶、执行的每个程序和执行的维修,从而让实验室 可以更有效地使用试剂 。


• 双过滤系统和下吸式通风系统可通过控制溶剂和福尔马林烟雾来帮助保护实验室人员;

• 做好意外断电的应对工作 – 机载电池备用系统可确保样本安全和维护程序运 行长达 3 个小时 。

支持 Syntri

• 借助 Syntri Safeguard 技术,仪器能够感应到系统中 100% 浓度酒精的装载位置,并有效防止错误地补给。


• 先进的远程诊断功能有助于最大程度地减少停机时间并保持实验室正常运转。

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