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Epredia™ Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor


Reduce reagent costs while enhancing workflow and tissue quality with the Epredia™ Excelsior™ AS Tissue Processor.

在面对时间和资金不足的困难时,Excelsior AS™ 组织脱水机可帮助应对这些挑 战,同时减少操作员接触有害化学物质的风险。


Enhanced tissue quality

· Cassette baskets are gently rotated inside the circular chamber, providing more effective agitation than an impeller

· Reagents can be pre-heated to up to 35°C, minimizing tissue shock and facilitating reagent penetration

Significant reagent cost savings

· Alcohol quality measurement enables you to extend your reagent life and provides significant cost savings

· Automatic reagent rotation further extends reagent life using a proven system

Streamline workflow and increase productivity

· Reduce maintenance time by replacing one bottle of each reagent, rather than all of them

· Draw new reagents directly into the processor from your supplier’s bottles—no pouring, no mess, and no fumes

· Run rapid biopsies during the day and conventional programs overnight

· Compatible with IPA xylene-free processes as well as conventional reagents

Safe for the tissue—safe for the operator

· When the chamber is opened, a fan pulls fumes through a filter to protect users from formaldehyde exposure

· Fumes from the cabinet are also extracted through filters to protect users from alcohol, xylene, and formaldehyde

· Waste paraffin can be removed by simply discarding a plastic tray—no paraffin spillage and burns

· Power outages are no longer a concern; Excelsior keeps your tissue safe with battery backup

So simple to learn and operate

· The all-new touch-screen interface is intuitive and easy-to-learn

· With intelligent software, it’s easier to avoid mistakes that affect tissue quality

Engineered for reliability and peace of mind

· The Excelsior AS Tissue Processor reflects engineering enhancements based on more than 10 years of service history

Infomatics to integrate the laboratory and simplify reporting

· A full range of reports is available for routine logging, quality assessment, statutory reporting and trouble shooting

· Reports are easily downloaded via a USB drive

· Messages can be sent automatically to the laboratory information system

· Remote alarms ensure that any problems are immediately addressed



• 组织篮在圆形反应缸内平缓的旋转,比叶轮式搅拌效率更高 

• 试剂可预热至 35°C,从而最大程度地减少组织冲击并促进试剂渗透 

• 组织篮可进行微波二次固定 


• 通过在每次运行过程中直接测量酒精浓度,可以在完全耗尽试剂后再予以更换,从而减少浪费 

• 使用经过验证的系统,自动试剂轮换可进一步延长试剂寿命 

• 直接浓度测定和自动轮换一起可以节省 75% 或更多的试剂 


• 根据需要替换每种试剂中的一瓶,而不是一次性全部替换,从而减少维护时间 

• 新试剂可以从供应商的试剂桶中直接吸入脱水机 - 无需倾倒 – 方便清洁 – 无有害气体挥发 

• 白天执行快速活检,夜间则执行常规程序

• 与IPA无二甲苯处理以及常规试剂处理均可兼容


• 全新的触摸屏界面直观且简单易学 

• 借助智能软件,更容易避免影响组织质量的错误 


• Excelsior AS组织脱水机体现了基于十多年服务历史的工程改进


• 全方位的报告可用于常规日志记录、质量评估、法定报告和故障排除

• 可以通过USB驱动器轻松下载报告

• 可以自动发送消息到实验室信息系统

• 远程警报可确保立即解决任何问题


• 多数组织脱水机很难避免甲醛气体的危害。使用Excelsior AS组织脱水机时,向下抽气的风扇会自动启动,将气体从乡下排除,并通过机器中的过滤器充分中和甲醛。


• Excelsior AS组织脱水机可兼容来自不同供应商的试剂桶,减少了因向专用试剂桶中倾倒试剂所耗费的时间和带来的安全性问题。只需将新的试剂桶放入机器中,然后插入管子即可。


• 自动石蜡轮换系统用将废蜡排出到一次性容器中,以方便后续处理并保证用户安全

• 在处理过程中,石蜡会自动转移到废蜡缸中

• 只需取出废蜡缸并丢弃即可

• 一体式箱盖可防止滴漏


• Excelsior AS脱水机可通过备用电池保护您组织的安全

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