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ZEISS Axio Observer



Axio Observer是对活细胞和固定样品进行多种成像的稳定的倒置显微研究平台,它拥有新一代LED照明装置,保护样品的同时提供优异的成像。为样品优化环境,提供可信赖并可再现的数据。这台倒置荧光显微镜与丰富的观察技术结合,能更精准的支持您的实验研究。

During life science research, you face new challenges every day - obtaining reproducible data from a range of samples under a variety of conditions. That's why you need a flexible microscope system that offers you as many interfaces and extensions as you need.

The Axio Observer is a stable inverted microscopy research platform for multiple imaging of live cells and fixed samples, and enjoys a next-generation LED illumination unit that protects samples while providing superior imaging. The environment is optimized for samples, providing trustworthy and reproducible data. This inverted fluorescence microscope is combined with a wealth of observation techniques to support your experimental research with greater precision.


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