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Clean Cassette Printing with PrintMate AS™




• 快速打印可满足取材工作流程。

• 高质量的打印意味着每个包埋盒都清晰地标有易于阅读的永久性黑色文字。更准确的样本完整性有助于改善患者护理质量。

• PrintMate AS™ 包埋盒打印机体积小巧,可以轻松安装在取材区域附近,在为您的实验室确定最佳工作流程解决方案时提供了更大的灵活性。

• 包埋盒经过预热,可实现最佳打印性能 。

• PrintMate AS 包埋盒打印机可以在任何规模的实验室中用作按需或批量打印机。

• 可选的双轨收集系统可收集多达 100 个包埋盒并放入整理器托盘,这些托盘易于堆叠,可简化包埋盒与样本容器的匹配过程 。

• PrintMate AS 包埋盒打印机可使用 Epredia 的各款 PrintMate 包埋盒 。


• 使用标准或自定义配置进行大批量打印,或打印单个包埋盒 。

• 利用简单的方法从 LIS 获取数据。

• 软件还可以使用申请清单或样本容器上的条码自动打印包埋盒,从而减少了 手动输入数据引起的错误。

• 预览窗口可查看将要打印的内容。

• 可以提供打印作业的记录,帮助管理人员和工作流程。

Product Features

• Streamlines workflow and reduces lab errors

•  Rapid printing accommodates extraction workflows.

• High-quality printing means each cassette is clearly labeled with easy-to-read, permanent black text. More accurate sample integrity helps improve the quality of patient care.

•  The PrintMate AS™ cartridge printer is compact and easily mounted near the skimming area, providing greater flexibility in determining the best workflow solution for your lab.

•  Cartridges are preheated for optimal print performance.

• The PrintMate AS cartridge printer can be used as an on-demand or batch printer in any size laboratory.

•  The optional dual-track collection system collects up to 100 cassettes and places them into collator trays that are easily stacked to simplify the process of matching cassettes to sample containers.

•  The PrintMate AS cartridge printer works with Epredia's range of PrintMate cartridges.

On-demand printing capabilities

•  Print large batches or print individual cassettes using standard or customized configurations.

•  A simple way to obtain data from LIS.

•  The software can also automatically print cassettes using the bar codes on the request list or sample container, reducing errors caused by manual data entry.

•  The preview window allows you to see what will be printed.

•  A record of the print job can be provided to help manage personnel and workflow.

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