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Epredia Gemini AS Automated Slide Stainer



• 26 个试剂站点,足以运行多个程序。程序由用户定义,完全可编辑,使用户可以一次执行多项操作,节省时间 

• 紧急启动功能,让用户能够优先处理“紧急”玻片篮,不影响当前处理的玻片篮 

• 开放系统,可自由选择 Epredia 染液和试剂 

• 与 Epredia 的系列封片机和玻片篮传送系统兼容,节省染色封片所用时间 

• 5 个可选的加热站点,满足大批量情况下的玻片干燥


• 软件操作简单,可以协调染色、分配试剂、优化试剂的布局模式、为每种程序计算最有效的途径,从而在最大程度上提高通量、减少试剂残留

• 任意步骤启动功能,让用户可以从任何一步启动程序 

• 可以设置质控系统,监控试剂的使用情况与每批次通量 

• 密码保护系统可保护操作员的自定义程序及设置


• Gemini AS 染色机的空间设计独一无二,占地面积小,可适应任何实验室 

• 通过低层转台,可以轻松转动试剂站点,方便操作 


- 26 reagent stations, enough to run multiple programs. User-defined, fully editable programs that allow the user to perform multiple operations at once for saving time 

- Emergency start feature allows the user to prioritize "emergency" slide baskets without affecting the currently processed slide basket 

- Open system with free choice of Epredia stains and reagents 

- Compatible with Epredia's range of sealers and slide basket transport systems, saving time when sealing stained slides 

- 5 optional heating stations for high volume slide drying

Automatic optimization 

- Easy-to-use software that coordinates staining, dispenses reagents, optimizes reagent placement patterns, and calculates the most efficient pathway for each procedure to maximize throughput and minimize reagent residues.

- Any-step start function allows the user to start the program from any step. 

- QC system can be set up to monitor reagent usage and throughput per batch. 

- Password-protected system to protect the operator's customized programs and settings.

Space-saving design

- The Gemini AS stainer has a unique space-saving design with a small footprint that can be adapted to any laboratory. 

- Easy rotation of the reagent stations by means of a low-level rotary table for easy handling.

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