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Epredia™ CryoStar™ NX70


Designed to fulfill the needs of both research and clinical laboratories, the CryoStar NX70 cryostat introduces a form-fitting design, integrated height control and motorized sectioning. Go quickly from mounting tissue to ready-to-cut with quickfreeze and setup features. Section tissue samples more efficiently with improved stability and individually controlled temperature settings on both the object holder and blade carrier.

CryoStar NX70 冷冻切片机引入了适体的外形设计、内置马达驱动高度调节功能和电动切片功能,专为满足研究和临床实验室的需求而设计。借助速冻位点和设置功能,可迅速执行从装载样本组织到准备切割的过程。通过稳定性改进和单独控制的 温度设置,使样本和刀架区域上进行更有效地冷冻样本和切片。

First-Rate Sectioning for the Precision You Demand

• Independent cooling of blade holder and specimen head keeps cutting area at set temperatures, even during periods of high use

• Novel knife carrier feed enhances sectioning stability and quality 

• Rapid-response temperature control provides active cooling of the specimen head, blade holder, and cryobar while maintaining consistent specimen temperature

• Dedicated low- and high-profile blade holders and separate knife carrier improve stability

Safe, Comfortable, and In Control

 • Large, open chamber with bright LED illumination offers an optimized workspace for operators, featuring eighteen tissue stations and one fast-freeze Peltier for quick, efficient sample preparation

 • Optional cold disinfection system provides supplemental surface disinfection in under 60 minutes while the cryostat is still cold

 • Light-touch handwheel requires minimal force to operate, limiting repetitive motion discomfort. Motorized cutting helps reduce user fatigue and avoid repetitive motion injury

 • Body-contoured design positions the user closer to the chamber to maintain comfortable posture and aids in reducing back and neck strain often associated with frozen sectioning

 • Integrated height adjustment (32-44 in. / 82-112 cm), supporting both standing and seated operation with the touch of a button

Enhanced User-Experience

 • Optional Vacutome feature aids in generating wrinkle-free sections and can also be used to remove waste from chamber

 • Integrated joystick control and color LCD touchscreen allow for quick, precise adjustments, easy operation for end users, and training for additional users

 • Programmable and immediate defrost options


• 独立刀架和样本头制冷功能可确保切片区域即使在使用频繁的情况下也能保持在设定的温度下

• 新型刀架进给增强了切片稳定性和质量

• 温度控制响应迅速,在保持恒定样本温度的同时主动冷却样本头、刀架和 Cryobar 制冷/(速冻)站

• 专用的一次性宽窄刀片刀架及独立刀架提高了切片的稳定性



• 大型开放式冷冻室具有明亮的可调节 LED 照明、18 个组织工作站和一个快速冷冻Peltier元件,可快速高效地进行样品制备

• 可选的 Cold-D 消毒系统可提供补充清洁过程,能够让冷冻切片机仍处于低温状 态时在 60 分钟内显著降低微生物感染的风险。

• 轻巧的大手轮只需很小的力即可操作,从而减少了重复运动的不适感。电动切割有助于减轻用户疲劳并避免重复性运动伤害。

• 符合身体轮廓的弧形环状设计使用户身体更靠近冷冻室,从而保持舒适的姿势

• 内置马达驱动高度调节(32-44 英寸/82-112 厘米)功能令用户只需按一下按钮即 可以以站位或坐位舒适地工作



• 可选的真空抽吸功能既能帮助产生无褶皱的切片,还可用于清除冷冻室中的废屑

• 集成式 Joystick 万向操作杆和彩色 LCD 触摸屏可进行快速、精确的操作,便于操作员工作、同时也便于培训其他操作员。

• 可编程的即时除霜选项


• 可调切片速度,从 0 mm/s 到 256 mm/s

• 切片厚度从 0.5 µm到 500 µm • 垂直行程 64 mm

• 水平移动 48 mm

• 标本回缩(回程)20 µm,带有光学显示

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