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Cryostar NX50


Thermo Scientific™ Cryostar NX50™  Frozen Slicer delivers optimal sectioning quality with improved ergonomics and safety.The NX50 is designed to meet the daily needs of the clinical laboratory. This manual frozen slicer offers a form-fitting design with optional height adjustment, Cold-D sterilization and vacuum suction, allowing the operator to customize the slicing experience.

Cryostar NX50 冷冻切片机不仅具备最佳的切片质量,还具有改进的人体工学设计和安全性。NX50 旨在满足临床实验室的日常需要。这款手动冷冻切片机 提供了适体的外形设计,并带有可选的高度调节功能、Cold-D 消毒和真空抽吸功能,让操作员可以自定义切片体验。

Exceptional Sectioning Quality

Stable, actively cooled knife holder delivers homogenous and consistent section thickness

Specimen head moves in vertical orientation only, for improved cutting accuracy

Rapid response temperature controlled object head maintains accurate specimen temperature to deliver high quality sections

18 position cryobar with additional fast freeze station rapidly cools specimens to -57°C ± 3°C (-71°F ±5.4°F) maintaining tissue morphology by restricting ice crystal


Optional vacutome aids in delivering high-quality sections by stretching the sections to remove wrinkles

Superior Section Quality

Achieved by minimizing vibration to deliver a smooth movement of the specimen across the blade.

Stable blade holder for mounting blade

Dedicated low and high-profile blade holders

Steady controlled horizontal advance of blade to specimen

Convenience and Ease of Use

Touch screen interface with intuitive software is the single point of control for the

Thermo Scientific™ CryoStar™ NX50 cryostat delivering quick and streamlined


Standby mode reduces energy consumption and background noise

Choice of immediate or scheduled defrost cycle

Optional vacutome cleaning mode and hose extension supports safe and speedy

removal of debris and sectioning waste

1 Litre disinfectant reservoir sufficient for up to 13 Sanosil® disinfection cycles

User Comfort

Body contoured design positions the user closer to the chamber maintaining

comfortable posture during times of heavy use

Optional motorized height adjustment allows each Operator to customize the CryoStar

NX50 height to suit their needs and comfort level whether seated or standing

Large open work chamber with adaptable LED directed lighting for enhanced visibility

Light touch handwheel requires minimal force to operate, limiting associated repetitive motion discomfort

Operator Safety

Manual handwheel lock secures the position of the specimen head

Optional proprietary Cold-D disinfection of the cryochamber which has been certified

as an effective method against an extensive range of biological pathogens

Magnetic blade transfer tool supports safe removal of the blade from the holder,

reducing risk of injury

Protective blade guard shields the operator’s hands from the blade

Optional vacutome collects and contains sectioning waste within filter bag


- Slicing thickness from 0.5 micron to 500 micron 

- Vertical travel 64 mm 

- Horizontal travel 48 mm


 • 在保持恒定样本温度的同时主动冷却样本头、刀架和 Cryobar 制冷/(速冻)站 

• 通过快速控制温度,只需几分钟即可达到每种样本的理想温度 

• 精确的电动刀架进样,可将切片时的振动降至最低 

• 切片机的设计打造了稳定的切片平台,以提高切片精度 

• 切片精确,可产生厚度均匀一致的切片

 • 可选的真空抽吸功能既能帮助产生无褶皱的切片,还可用于清除冷冻室中的废屑 


• 人体流线设计使操作员更靠近冷冻室,可保持舒适的姿势

• 大型开放式冷冻室配有可调节的 LED 照明,能提升可见度

• 轻巧的大手轮只需很小的力即可操作

• 可选的内置马达驱动高度调节(32-44 英寸/82-112 厘米)功能令用户只需按一下 按钮即可以以站位或坐位舒适地工作

• 触摸屏操作和直观的软件可适应多个操作员 


• 可选的 Cold-D 消毒系统可提供补充清洁过程,能够让冷冻切片机仍处于低温状 态时在 60 分钟内显著降低微生物感染的风险。 

• 手动手轮锁可固定样本头的位置 

• 刀片装卸工具可确保从刀架上安全地取下刀片


• 切片厚度从 0.5 微米到 500 微米 

• 垂直行程 64 mm 

• 水平移动 48 mm

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